Digital Graphic Studio (DGS) is a global Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) – outsource service provider. Our different services including Photo post production, photo enhancement, retouching, Catalog, magazine page design, website design and development. We are comprehensively supporting are valued clients around the world with quality and cost effective way and faster turnaround time.

We have an excellent global market experience and with well infrastructure and up to date technology in terms of software and hardware and are capable to handle an array of clients. We work on powerful workstations from apple, Intel’s, AMD brands. We have high speed optical fiber connectivity with Backup VSAT connectivity, Full featured Web Server, both LOCAL & WAN and with all known and popular software used for graphics, page design or web development productions.

Our Infrastructures and Resources –


Man Power
-120 Graphic Designer
-4 and half years experienced on an average
-3 Working shift a day
-24/7 Support
-3 Steps quality check

Production Capability
-Clipping – 2000 images / day
-Masking – 350 Image /day
-Neck Joint – 500 images / day
-Retouching – 400 images / day

Hardware/Software Platform
– iMac and Intel/AMD’s 3rd generation computers
– Adobe Photoshop CS2/3/4/5/6 Suite, Adobe Illustrator, In Design
– Mac OSX, Windows 8
– 40+ workstation

-Full duplex Dedicated 10mpbs  upload/download
-High speed FTP server with unlimited space
-Two redundant link

Production House:
4000 Square feet office
-45+ Station
-Roam to expand more.



Umar Faruk – Managing Director

Umar Faruk is the managing director of Digital Graphic Studio. He himself has experience of being a production manager for eight years and an acting managing director for four years with other companies. He has worked worldwide, covering assignments in; America, Europe and Asia.







Sarika Farzana – Chief Executive Officer

Sarika Farzana Chief Exicutive Officer of Digital Graphic Studio. Worked various multi-National Graphic companies as a designer for Twelve years. She has experience to work on BDCOM (ISP) as a production manager for five years.










Tanvir Sajjad – Finance Controller

 Tanvir is the backbone of the finance of Digital Graphic Studio. His calmness and witty mind are the combination of his success in his field.











Mike Porter – Senior Manager, Global Marketing

Mike Porter is leading consultant in marketing and new business development for Digital Graphic Studio. Mike manages a diverse project portfolio, including market analysis studies and client satisfaction measurement. He has a very good experience handling clients from all over the world including famous brands. He knows the demand of all the foreign companies and builds up his team according to that.